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Get the latest autism updates from SPARK, including information about genes and ASD research, webinars, and personal stories from our community.

Our ‘genes’ page provides short, easy-to-understand descriptions of genes linked to autism. Under ‘research’, you’ll find the latest updates from SPARK and other autism studies. In our ‘stories’ section, families, scientists and others share their journeys. In our monthly webinars, speakers from the autism community provide useful information for families and people with autism. All are welcome–invitation links are issued in our monthly newsletter. If you have suggestions for webinar topics, please email us at webinars@sparkforautism.org.

SPARK Research Match Summary Report: The Pandemic’s Impact on Children with Autism and their Parents

Date Published: January 2022 This is a SPARK Research Match Summary Report. It describes results from published research using data from SPARK participants. Study Titles Psychological Distress Among Caregivers Raising a Child With Autism Spectrum Disorder During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Luther G. Kalb, Ph.D., and team) Analysis of the SPARK Study COVID-19 Parent Survey: Early […]

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